Pugoka’s main goal is to help those in need.



Who We Are

Pugoka, Pumping Good Karma, is a platform designed to create awareness, support local artisans and raise funds for projects that can change the lives of people in need in Bolivia. Pugoka’s shop will give 10% of proceeds directly to fund a humanitarian project in Bolivia. We will show you where and to whom your money is going to through updates on the projects as they develop. These projects will be carefully selected and will be chosen on necessity and impact the project will make in someone’s life, family and community. Pugoka will partner with NGO’s to reach and help as many disadvantaged people as it can. Our goal is to create opportunities for people in Bolivia and by buying products from Pugoka you will not only support families and artisans that need employment but you will also support projects that will help families and communities to break out of the cycle of poverty. There is so much need and too many things to do, the results and opportunities we can create together are endless.

Not only that, Pugoka brings beautiful and unique handmade products to you.

We know that together we can make a difference!

Please share and make the world aware of our mission!

Project Development

How does it work?

We will choose a featured project to fund and 10% of Pugokas Shop proceeds will go to this featured project until is fully funded.  At the same time, other projects will be available in the website for the public to start funding them, and they will be on the waiting list to be Pugoka’s next featured project.

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About Bolivia


Bolivia is one of the poorest countries in Latin America and according to the latest census carried out at the end of 2012, 45% of Bolivia’s population (>10MM) is living below the poverty line. The percentage is higher in rural areas, where three out of four people live in poverty. The FAO/WFP Hunger Map of 2014 shows that 19.8% of the population are malnourished and about 24.5% of households with children under 5 do not have access to safe drinking water, making food preparation difficult. Children and adolescents are often required to work and many are left to fend for themselves or are expected to care for younger siblings and in extreme cases, we are talking about 5 year olds looking after 3 year olds for 8 hours at a time while their parents are out at work.

The need is enormous and YOU can make the difference

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